Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gimme - Gimme - Gimme!

I understand the Economy is in the toilet.  Perhaps you've heard this, too?  Perhaps it's not just another myth like the Easter Bunny or Rush Limbaugh.

But the endless sucking need of Charities is burning me out.  I give as generously yet carefully as I can each year and have focused on causes close to my heart - SPCA, AIDS, GLBT, etc.

The amount of solicitation this year has been unprecedented.  And one Charity on the annual roster has been relentless. 

For anonymity, I'll just use the initials "M.S.".

For about 3 months they called my number daily between 3pm and 5pm.  Finally, I took them in hand and explained this was not the way to win my heart; their annual gift was coming on my schedule and within my budget.

I recently sent out my contribution for 2009.  M.S. sent me a lovely "Thank You" card with much verbiage of all the things that money can buy and how my contribution plays its part and all of this signed of by Joyce N., Big Title Such & Such. 

Yet there at the bottom in a handwriting font, in blue ink a 'personal' P.S. from M.S.:

"Won't you consider making another gift in the same amount to help even more?"

I folded the card in quarters, sheathed it in the enclosed pre-stamped envelope and sealed it to go out in tomorrow's mail.

But before I did, I wrote in block letter and in red ink:  "You're a jerk, Joyce."