Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wall Color Survey -

or, Where the Head of the Corporation Gets Stuck.

Ok - I am working temporarily at the company I left early in 2008. It - like a lot of companies is dealing w/ the economic voodoo going on. So - things like the fabled 401k match is gone - and salaries frozen - and bonuses nixed. Everyone still has jobs - so good is good.

But then they send out email blasts that ponder things that definitely should be put on hold as well. Today's example that made my head and left elbow hurt: the new "lean & green" office they built less than 2 years ago with all new everything - they sent out a poll to the entire office to vote on accent colors to zazz the place up - will it be orange, or yellow, purple or chartreuse - vote early and vote often! Money well spent, I am sure.


Now - mind you a few years ago - I was hot and heavy in the campaign for the blue M&M - but that's more of a faith-based decision...

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