Monday, June 09, 2008


Hit the Art-O-Matic exhibit on Saturday evening - really got a kick out of  a few of the artists there...
>>Paul Sikora
Arrowroot Red Top detail c (full size)
>>Gennara Moore
Murder of Crows, Rendition #8 (full size)
>>Rita Elsner
Beautiful Thing, triptych (full size)
>>Erica Riccardellia
This photo - "Target Practice" - made me smile.
>>Eli Halpin
Klimt meets fairytales...
Lady and Octopus Glass Tree lucky dragon
>>Tiny Ghosts
All of the work by this artist was probably my favorite of the work seen at Art-O-Matic... it reminded me of the Story People who I love.

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Chris said...

Hooray for tiny ghosts!